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In here you will find what you want to know about this blog, everything from how to navigate around to what you should and should not be looking out for. We particularly have decided that we need to brief you on some stuff before you start to navigate around, so please go on reading )

1. What’s this blog about?

The site was created for the ministry, so you’ll mostly find stuff related to worship in YC, such as the weekly sermons, worship recordings, etc. Everything is free-for-all unless you see a nice little white box that asks you for a password. and if you don’t have or know about a password to access any of the posts, then keep out and go poke your nose somewhere else. we take intrusion of privacy cases seriously and will not hesitate to take action against unruly behavior.

2. What can I look out for in here?

If you’re looking for the occasional announcement pertaining to the YC Worship Ministry, go here. Please check back often enough for updates, and respond if required (by leaving a comment). A silent blog ain’t that much of an interesting read.

If you don’t actually read to supplement your general Christian music / worship knowledge, check out these articles on worship. go ahead – tap into some of these resources for free )

If you’re wanting to just look around and poke your nose in every nook and cranny here and there, try not to leave a trail. By all means, feel free to leave comments on whatever topic / post.. talk amongst yourselves if you wish. but just don’t go overboard. We have created categories for you to post about, so if you have a testimony to share, or a prayer request, go right ahead and leave a comment so that we can all pray for you! We hope to be like the Church in Acts who didn’t stop praying for and encouraging each other :))

3. Can I use this site for personal use?

No, this site may not be used for personal gains. This means that you shdn’t use the site to ask us to help you do a sch survey, or gossip about the new kid on the block, school CCAs, or other frivolous stuff… there’s always the conventional email to do all that if you wish. or as i mentioned earlier, go poke your nose elsewhere!

4. Can I link to this blog?

If you want to link to the ministry blog, please let Philemon or myself know and we will do the necessary. but IF you do link, pls don’t do the irritating thing by posting in the prayer request page but all you say is smthg like “I’ve got a prayer request. go see my blog.” people will literally have the ’sian diao’ look.

5.  How do i navigate?

The links to navigate the various categories are again on the top left. Click on the appropriate category that you want to access and you will enter a summary page. Then click on the title of the post in the summary page(categories) those categories that you wanna read.

For example if you wanna download last week’s sermon recording.

  • Click on the category labelled ’sermon’. You will now be in the summary page for the category ’sermon’.
  • In this summary page, you WILL NOT be able to click on the link.
  • You will now have to click on that TITLE of the post ’sermon 18 oct’ to actually enter the post itself.
  • There you will be able to find the link to download.

6. How to submit my prayer requests?

Click on the category “sharing-Prayer Requests Submission” on the left hand side navigation bar on the home page.
Click on the “comment” link below the post to leave your comment.
Start typing! 🙂

7. How do I search for past articles and resources?

Just so you know, there is a search function at the top right hand corner of this blog. Do use the search box to find for specific dates/sermon titles/etc etc.

Hope this helps!

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