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Come explore the journey of BBTC YC’s Worship Ministry with us, and see how God is and will continue to be using this ministry to impact the lives of HIS people!

Who are we, and what are we called again?

BBTC YC stands for Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church, Youth Church.
We are an open brethren assembly, a church plant of Bethesda Katong Church (BKC).

How did we start?

Our ministry roots dates back to Dec 1979, when a group of young leaders from BKC, committed to the Great Commission began an outreach ministry amongst the youth in the Bedok-Tampines vicinity. When the Lord provided an ideal piece of land for a new church, Bethesda Katong launched by faith the project to plant a new church at this site. Other Brethren assemblies that came alongside BKC for this project were Bethesda (Frankel Estate) Church (BFEC) and Bethesda Bedok Mission Home (now Bethesda Pasir Ris Mission Church).

BBTC was registered as a legal entity on 8 August 1984. Our inaugural communion and worship service was held on 2 Nov 1986. The beloved late Dr Benjamin Chew was our first Chairman Elder of the Council. After 2 years, in Nov 1988, Bethesda Katong gave complete autonomy and the BBTC Council became an independent assembly of believers.

The youth wing of the main church was founded in September 2000, which was called “YM-C3” at that time. It stood for “Youth Ministry – College, Campus, Community” and the ministry had the aim of reaching out to youths in the age group of 13-19 yrs old.

The ministry name changed in 2004, for by then, the youth group had grown to over 200 people and was a fully functioning Church on its own. The title “ministry” was dropped because of this self-sufficiency, and the suffix “C3” was removed to emphasize the Church’s purpose in not delineating age groups nor locality, but to reach out to everyone who is, simply, a youth.

What do we do?

Our Vision:

Live Him Out, Say it Loud! From the Inside Out.

Our Mission Statement:

To share Christ as we mature in Him (based on Colossians 1:28)

What are our ministries?

Service Team

Worship, Prayer, Welcome Team, Communion Team, Fellowship

Cell Clusters

Sorry, that’s about all we can provide for now… more information to come!  stay tuned!

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